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Your car's battery supplies electricity for the engine and powers the lights and electrical systems. You should check your battery occasionally as part of your regular automotive maintenance, and the crew at Huffines CJDR Lewisville offers battery services and replacements at great prices. Find out more about battery services below, and feel free to make an appointment with us.

How To Test a Car Battery at Home

When you bring your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM in for routine maintenance, our service center will test your battery for you. In the meantime, you can check your car's battery without tools in only a few seconds.

First, turn on your headlights, start your car, and keep it in park mode. Press the accelerator while keeping an eye on your headlights to see whether the brightness changes. Doing this in a garage can help, as the headlights will reflect off a nearby wall. If the brightness of your headlights increases as you rev the engine, your battery's current capacity or power delivery is not optimal. This is a straightforward but simple way of determining whether your battery is delivering enough power.

Why Do Batteries Deteriorate?

Car batteries typically last between three and five years.  The reasons why your car battery might fail earlier than normal vary, but they can lose their power as they get older, their charge in cold temperatures, and their internal liquid in hot weather. It's also possible for potholes or other intense forces to loosen your battery's clamps, and having to jump-start your car from a dead battery can wear down it down.

All these things will cause your car's battery to slowly deteriorate, reducing its lifespan, maximum charge, and power delivery. Keeping your car in a garage will help, but nothing will be as beneficial as regular checkups and maintenance at the Huffines CJDR Lewisville service center in Lewisville, Texas. 

Signs You Need To Replace Your Battery

We can identify when the battery in your car is beginning to lose charge and replace it, saving you money along the way. However, you should book an appointment immediately if you notice:

  • Slower engine turn-over.
  • The Check Battery light is on.
  • Significant or increasing battery corrosion.
  • The smell of rotten eggs.
  • The battery case is leaking or bloated.
  • Power accessories have issues, such as sluggish power windows or flickering lights.

Prolonging Car Battery Life

Although batteries are rather durable, they still benefit from good treatment. One of the best tips is to drive efficiently and avoid idling. You should check your battery regularly to make sure it's clean, and if you have the tools, you should also check the battery voltage occasionally or look at the instrument cluster. Unless you have a high-performance battery, car batteries typically transport 12 to 13 volts. Anything over 13 volts can be a sign of a bad battery.

It's best to avoid letting your car battery drain to empty and jump-starting it, as this impacts your battery's lifespan and condition. If you find your battery drained due to a mistake, such as leaving your lights on or a door open, it's ideal to charge the battery back up with an appropriate charger on a gradual setting. If you need to drive soon, you can give it a jump start instead, but in either case, you should try to drive for at least ten minutes to help restore your battery fully.

Battery Service Specials and Parts Coupons

Huffines CJDR Lewisville meets every need, including batteries, alternator parts, and more. We provide helpful Chrysler Dodge Jeep and RAM maintenance discounts as well as professional battery and charging system services.

We provide a wide choice of discounts on new original equipment manufacturer car parts that we have for sale as well as battery coupons in Lewisville, Texas. If you know you're going to need an oil change, windshield wiper replacement, or other common car care tasks done, have a look at our current service specials and parts coupons to see if you can save money on several services.

Skip Other Repair Shops and Visit Huffines CJDR Lewisville

At Huffines CJDR in Lewisville, we do a lot more than just perform battery maintenance. When you bring your automobile to us for service, we'll treat it with the same respect as if it were our own. We're also the top Mopar repair and car care center in Lewisville for collision repair, coolant flushes, inspections, fluid top-offs, and air conditioning recharges. Whether you own a Chrysler Pacifica or Ram 1500, Huffines CJDR Lewisville is the place to schedule a service.

Our service professionals at the Huffines CJDR Lewisville Service Center are all trained and certified for work with Mopar brands and work primarily on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM cars every day. If you drive another car make, we may be able to assist you with some tasks. We'll confidently perform maintenance on your car using genuine parts and accessories covered by manufacturer warranties, all with better pricing and inventory size than our competition.

Our Lewisville service center uses modern diagnostic tools to examine your car, truck, or SUV. We arm our mechanics with the best tools and resources so they can do every job quickly and accurately. You can pass the time while waiting for treatment in our lounge area, which features free Wi-Fi and beverages, or arrange to get a ride back when your car is ready. Combine our convenient service with exceptional Mopar parts and service specials, and there's no more convenient CJDR battery repair shop in Lewisville.

Schedule Your Next Battery Service Today

The professionals in our service center are available to assist you with whatever you need related to service on your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or RAM vehicle. If you aren't certain that anything is wrong yet, but it's been a while, we can do a thorough but brief inspection to make sure that all systems operate as they should. You'll get the full story on your car's battery, including whether it needs to be replaced or if a connected part might have issues. 

If you have any inquiries about routine maintenance, switching to a different battery, or car maintenance and care, don't hesitate to get in touch with us or stop by our service center on South Stemmons Freeway. Online scheduling takes only a few minutes, or you could drive to us during business hours and make use of our express Fast Lane service. 


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