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Welcome to our service center at Huffines CJDR Lewisville. We're waiting to take care of all your auto servicing needs, from routine maintenance to larger repair jobs. Provide us with some basic information about yourself and your vehicle, and you'll be able to reserve your chosen appointment right away. Once you arrive, you'll be in safe hands thanks to our team of certified auto technicians. We look forward to seeing you!

Why Is Routine Vehicle Maintenance Important for Your Chrysler?

Whether you sit behind the wheel of a Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Charger, or something else entirely, sticking to a regular maintenance schedule is the best way to look after your vehicle. Getting one of our trained auto technicians to rotate your tires, top up your brake fluid, change your brake pads, or change your oil can help keep your vehicle on the road for longer.

A regular trip to our service center also gives us the opportunity to give your Ram 1500 or Jeep Cherokee a once-over to check for any problems. Our multi-point inspections can identify issues before they become serious so that you can take action to resolve them. This proactive approach can help keep your auto repair costs down over the long term.

Oil Changes

A high-quality engine oil is essential to keeping your engine in top condition for years to come. A good oil lubricates your engine's components, enabling them to move smoothly. However, engine oil breaks down over time and will eventually need replacing.

We recommend that our customers have their oil changed around twice a year, although this can vary depending on how much you drive and the oil you use. We have durable and high-performing synthetic engine oil on offer. In addition to changing your oil, our technicians can also replace your oil filter.

Brake Repairs

Staying safe on the road depends on your brakes being ready to bring your vehicle to a swift stop when you least expect it. Luckily, there are many signs you can look for to let you know that it's time to have your brakes checked. Some of the most common include hearing a squeaking or growling noise when you apply the brakes or if your brakes are less responsive than normal when you hit the pedal.

A squeaking sound usually means that your pads are wearing low and will soon need replacement. The sound is made by a thin strip of metal found in brake pads as a safety mechanism to warn you that they're about to wear out.

Our service team has extensive experience in all sorts of brake repairs. These include brake pad replacements, flushing brake fluid, replacing brake lines, and repairing rotors. We also have cutting-edge technology to diagnose problems with brake systems if you can't quite put your finger on what's causing the issue.

Battery Replacement

A reliable battery is essential to keep your Wrangler or Challenger on the road. Batteries provide the critical power to get your vehicle started and keep your accessories running while the engine is turned off. Batteries have a working life of about four years, so it's a good idea to have yours tested if it's approaching that age.

Replacing a battery can be done quickly, but the key is getting it replaced before it goes flat so you're not left stranded. If your engine takes a few seconds to start after you turn the key or press the button, this may be a sign that your battery is reaching the end of its life. This would be a good time for you to make an appointment at our service center to have your battery checked out and replaced, if necessary.

Get Your Jeep Repaired in Our Body Shop

Our service team can also deal with bodywork and paint jobs. We regularly help Texas customers out by repairing rust, dents, or damaged bumpers.

If your vehicle has been involved in a collision or suffered extensive damage due to weather, we're also here to help. We have experience in dealing with a wide range of auto insurers to get your vehicle back on the road. Even better, we can provide you with an up-front quote so you can see how much a repair job will cost before we get started. We'll also take the time to go through the quote with you to explain any services you have questions about.

Our extensive inventory of genuine parts also helps our team perform prompt and high-quality repairs. You can rest assured that any parts or components we put in your Ram 1500, Grand Cherokee, or any other vehicle will only be of the highest standard. Our parts department can also help with any accessories or customized items you'd like for your Jeep or Dodge.

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Now that you know a little more about our service center and all it has to offer, we hope you'll make an appointment to take care of your maintenance or repair needs. We have long opening hours six days a week, so you can fit your appointment at our service center around your busy schedule.

Huffines has been serving customers in North Texas for nearly a century, and we can offer several additional services to make your appointment more relaxed. Take advantage of our free wireless internet while you wait on our technician to complete some routine maintenance checks on your Jeep or Dodge.

Alternatively, if you're coming in for a major repair, we offer a shuttle service so you can get back home in case you need to leave your vehicle behind. If the repair work will take a bit of time, we can offer you a rental vehicle so you can still get around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

If you still have questions about our service or parts centers, don't hesitate to contact us today. Our team of certified auto technicians will be delighted to help you with anything you need for your vehicle.